How was last time’s Retreat? See these Pictures and you won’t believe it!

Kucsn’s Annul retreat is around the corner. Many are eagerly awaiting to see how the event will unfold. For those who were not present in last year’s kucsn retreat, the unimaginable fun experienced may not be known to them. Below are a few photos that speaks a thousand words on how the event transpired. 

See the guys below trying to defy the law of gravity..and can you see the smiles on their faces? They were really enjoying it!

And who is this in the picture below? try to guess the name. The fun was overwhelming and joy overflowing! 

Oh my goodness! See for yourself below…what do I say? No one can really afford to miss if the fun is this much!

See the different poses below..and is that a river behind them? How I miss to swim!

Oh boy! the retreat also coincided with the birthday of one of the members. I can bet he will never forget the day! See the guy in vest below and you will know how fun it is to have kucsn members around during your birthday.

Is it a song, a competition or just a pose? Well, we will ask these guys during the upcoming retreat!


What is happening here guys? i can see some laughing, others smiling. Everyone looks happy. I guess they were going for lunch…what about you?


See more pictures below!

Oh my goodness!! If last year’s retreat was such a big fun, what about this year’s retreat. I am more than sure that it will even be better a thousand times.  Surely. no one can afford to miss this time round!



 More about the retreat

Frequently Asked Questions about the Upcoming Retreat

Have you paid for the Retreat?




 KUCSN’S Governance


Leave your comments on how the last retreat seems to have been in the section below, and how you expect this year’s retreat to be.


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