KANGEMA UNIVERSITY &COLLEGE STUDENTS NETWORK (KUSCN) is a fast growing students’ network and popular among the locals owing to its enormous contribution in community development and youth mentor-ship programs. It offers students platform to network and become their true self through its all round programs. The Network was created on January 2014. Currently with membership of 500+ and endeavors to reach 3000 students from our constituency.

Among the many duties and responsibilities of the kucsn leaders is to organize an annual retreat during which members come together for various activities. Last year’s retreat (2016) was held at Eden Brooke and was a major success. Catch a brief glimpse of how the 2016 event fared in the pictures below.

As it is clearly visible in the pictures above, the 2016 retreat was a real fun. kucsn members had one of their best times ever as they got to socialize, interact, network and enjoy together.

Let’s now fast-forward to the current year, 2017. Our able leaders, who never lets us down, did not put down their tools. Keeping kucsn active have always been their top priority. Being their mandate, the leaders did their best to ensure that we get a chance to hold the 2017 retreat outstandingly.  The event was a remarkable success. Some of the main factors rendering it as the best retreat/event ever is:

  1. The event emerged with the highest attendance rate since the start of Kucsn.
  2. The retreat was the cheapest ever (members were paying 250 only).
  3. We had the presence of Grand Photography to capture the splendid moments.
  4. A collaboration between the leaders and members enabled us to get volunteer mentors , from the Kenya National Library Services Kangema Branch, and from Pastor Joe and Johnson of Bahai real estate investments.

The lady with a handbag

The mentor from kenya National Library Services Kangema branch served us with quality information regarding the services they offer, and further challenged us to embrace a reading culture.



Mentors Joe  & Johnson

On the other hand, mentors Joe  and Johnson challenged us to embrace investment opportunities to brighten our future. They particularly challenged us to join their job opportunities and trainings at Bahai Investments.



After the wonderful and inspiring talks, we progressed to the next phase which involved having our lunch and tree planting activities. During this session, the professional photography team was busy doing what they do best- capturing every moment charmingly.



The lunch was sweet and included various delicious portions among them nyama, chapo and mukimo. At the same time, the members were planting trees as a form of remembrance, as well as caring for our environment.







Thereafter, the members quenched their thirst with sodas, as they interacted with each other. There were many who this was their first kucsn even, and they got the chance to meet the other kucsn members. Socializing, interacting and networking controlled thenceforth.





At the end of the day, everyone was all smiles. It had really been a wonderful day. Having come to the end of the much awaited retreat, some went home while others were left to spend the night at Green lounge on individual capacities.

As I quote a text from Johnston, the then (2017) KUCSN’s Chairman

“I wish to thank all of us who attended as well as those for good reasons did not manage to come but wished us well from wherever they were. 

Let’s look forward to having more events in the year.

Be blessed.”

Below are more photos from the event.



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Johnson says:

    Amazing retreat that was!


    1. KUCSN says:

      Very True Johnson, our Chairman. We thank God for his blessings, we thank you leaders for planning the event, we thank the members who attended and those who dint make it but kept us in their prayers, and all other stakeholders who made the day such a great success.

      Long live KUCSN


  2. Johnson says:

    Amazing retreat that was!


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