The 2017 KUCSN AGM was held on 2nd Jan 2018 at Kangema CDF Hall. The AGM was primarily organized and run by the 2017 KUCSN officials to discuss and report on the proceedings of the year 2017 during which they were entrusted with the group’s administrative roles. As had been previously communicated by the times Chairperson, Johnson, the Agendas included:

  1. Election of new officials
  2. Report of the previous year
  3. The plans ahead

Many issues were discussed during the AGM, inclusive of reports by the outgoing Finance Director and Organizing Secretary. Thereafter, the election of the new officials was conducted by a former Chairman, Moses Nyota.

Below is a brief on the AGM Proceedings

  • The Annual General Meeting started at 12.30 pm and was headed by the outgoing Chairperson.
  • The outgoing treasurer, George, gave a comprehensive report for the year ended 2017 such as the activities which required members contributions and also accounted for all the monies contributed by members. With regard to the report, we currently have no money in the account. A conclusive report will be provided after he receives the report from the outgoing mission coordinator.
  • The outgoing organizing secretary, Peterson, gave a comprehensive report for the year ended 2017. He highlighted the challenges met, how they were overcome and gave suggestions for the incoming organizing secretaries.



  1. Collaboration with Kangema library to organize a joint event such as a walk or tree planting, to promote a reading culture.
  2. A vigorous campaign to bring in more members especially form 4 leavers and first years. Proposals included brochures, banners, walks, tree planting, sports, media and open media.
  3. A meeting including folks, outgoing leaders and the new leaders
  4. Enhancing the bond between folks and KUCSN (especially those graduating) for a better collaboration and connection in out of school sectors such as internships and employment opportunities.
  5. Patron reviewing: Look for a new patron with regard to KUCSN interests
  6. Introduction of KUCSN games/entertainment to widen KUCSN’s popularity in Kangema Community
  7. Selection of institutional leader per university to aid in organizing and communication
  8. Selection of regional leaders i.e. per village/location to aid in organizing and communication
  9. Reducing the number of members leaving the KUCSN by closely regulating the WhatsApp group.
  10. Protecting our name and legacy to the Kangema Community


  1. The new leadership planned to hold an event in March and on April. The March event will be a mentorship while the April event will be the Library joint event. However, these will be fully confirmed later.
  2. The new leaders will meet and discuss the registration fee, and update the members accordingly.
  3. The new leaders will discuss on how to regulate the WhatsApp group to be all accommodating and on the right course
  4. The new leaders will discuss all financial issues such as members contributions and sponsorships

The new KUCSN Leaders are:

Chairperson: Stephen Mwangi
Vice-chair 1: Risper Wagaki
Vice-chair 2: Linet Muhuhe
Organizing Secretary 1: John Kamau
Organizing Secretary 2: Hannah Mwangi
Secretary: Charles Karanja
Finance: Peter Muhia
Mission coordinator: Jakkes Kanyuira

Like in all other activities, the AGM ended with some photo shootings. See the pics below!

The Photos will be uploaded soon! 





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