Upcoming Mega Mentorship!

During the end of year AGM (2017), new leaders were chosen to spearhead the KUCSN activities and see the network through 2018. The new leaders promised to take up the task with a renewed energy to make KUCSN greater than it has ever been. They aim to make the network the talk of the town in the entire Kangema Constituency. This will ensure that we get well recognized, thus smoothening the way for new members to join and also opening doors to receive sponsorships during our different events.


The new leadership has promised to hold various Mega Activities throughout the year. To start with, the leaders have organized a Mega Mentorship scheduled on Friday, 9th February. The leaders have undertaken many sacrifices especially in convincing the DEO and the Principals to give us the opportunity and authorization to hold the event during a weekday. Therefore, it upon us all to make the day counts.

Many more Mega Events are underway. And their success will also be determined by the success of this Mega Mentorship. If we sacrifice ourselves to attend the mentorship and make it a great experience, the doors to the next Mega Event will be opened even wider.

It’s therefore upon each of us to volunteer and ensure you don’t miss the event. It’s the first event of 2018. Let’s get to meet and mentor these students and as well network among themselves. Many new KUCSN members don’t know much about the group; this is your high time to network with the members. There are also existing members who don’t know each other; it’s your opportunity too. And still, there are those who know the network and its members very well; it’s your time to catch up and network with the new members.

So, come one come all. Inbox that friend who is not on WhatsApp and remind him/her of the event. You know any University or College student from Kangema Constituency who is not a KUCSN member? Tell them to join us during the day. They are much welcome. You can also send their numbers to the Kucsn WhatsApp group so that they can be added.



  • Rwathia Mixed Secondary School
  • Rwathia Primary School
  • Wanjerere Mixed Secondary School
  • Wanjerere Primary School
  • Karuri Gakure Secondary School
  • Tuthu Primary School
  • Kanyenya-ini Mixed Sec School
  • Ngoe-ini Primary School
  • Holy-Rosary School
    The schools have been mainly chosen with regard to their performance.

The current leaders wishes to thank all KUCSN members for sacrificing their time and resources towards enhancing the future of KUCSN. Together, we will walk far. Let’s remember the upcoming Mega Mentorship in our prayers and keep reminding each other.

Feel free to leave your comments and share with your friends. Sharing is caring.


See YOU there!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gilbert says:

    Nice move

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KUCSN says:

      Thanks be to God


  2. Woooow very interesting we must avail and make a difference in our society….😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KUCSN says:

      Nobody should miss this one! Lets make our society great. Thanks Wanjiru Mwangi


  3. Lewis Waithaka Mwangi says:

    That could be a great move to impact young school pupil, what is the real requirement for joining it and it’s all about(offices)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KUCSN says:

      The only requirement to join is that you need to be a College or University student hailing from Kangema. However, even if you don’t meet that category, you can contact us for consideration. We are involved in many activities such as Mentorships, Visiting Children’s home, Weekend Challenge, Joining other members during graduation, sickness etc., retreat among many others aimed at giving back to the community.


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