You Can’t Miss this KUCSN Upcoming Event!



And you know what? It’s bigger than the previous one, and even loaded with more fun!

Let’s briefly flashback to earlier this year when the first Mega-Mentorship was kicked off.

The first one of its kind, the Mega-Mentorship held earlier in the year covered nine schools namely: Rwathia Primary, Rwathia Mixed, Wanjerere Primary, Wanjerere Mixed, Tuthu Primary, Karuri Gakure Sec, Ngoeini Primary, Holy Rosary and Kanyenya-ini Mixed. This was the first time that a Kucsn-Mentorship event had covered such a large number of schools in just one day. A big clap there!

Fast forward, other record breakers have occurred. The most notable is the Kucsn-Kangema Library Joint Event. It was the first Kucsn Event to have an attendance exceeding three hundred people. In addition, it had the most donations ever, including; 300 packets of milk from Njire(Aspendos); 200 bottles of water from Muguru Ward MCA; 5, 000 token from Kanyenya-ini MCA; 3,000 worth of petrol, a car, PA system and a driver to create awareness throughout Kangema provided by the Rwathia MCA; 300 kdfs provided by Ruth and Acting Librarian; 3 crates of soda, writing materials and pens provided by Eden Brook Resort; a Kucsn banner provided by the folks through Johnson’s facilitation; security officers provided by the DCC, among many others. It is also during the event’s onset that Kucsn T-shirts were introduced.

And now, here comes another record breaker. A Mega-Mentorship that will exceed any other ever held by Kucsn. Guess what? We are getting better at this!

One of the key objectives of Kucsn is to give back to the community. In the contemporary era, the best and most powerful gift you can give to a person is knowledge. That’s why Kucsn is so dedicated to mentorship programs to ensure we disseminate the knowledge we have to Kangema Community. Sometimes back, they used to say that Youths are the leaders of tomorrow. But that has been passed by time. We, the youths, are the leaders of Today! And to be leaders, we must learn to share our knowledge with others.

The students in primary (7&8) and those in secondary schools need to get motivated and inspired to ensure they stay on course. And who would inspire them better than those in colleges and universities? These students are always dreaming to join colleges and universities to pursue their dreams, and the best inspiration that can keep them focused on this very dream is by interacting with those who have already achieved it-us!

Thus, let’s take it upon ourselves the responsibility and obligation to go and inspire these young minds, share our experiences with them, tell them what made us achieve the college and university entry marks, give them hope, remind the poor performers that they can be successful in other ways…..and such other inspirations.

And oh, I almost forgot. Tell them not to have girlfriends and boyfriends, isn’t it?

And to spice things up, it will be another moment to meet with other Kucsn members, interact, socialize, network and get to inspire each other. Kucsn has always been of happy minds and unity will always remain an integral part of the network.

The officials are working hard to ensure that the necessary letters are written, printed and disbursed to the respective schools. In addition, liaising with the District Educational Officer’s (DEO) office is ongoing to officiate the event and grant us the necessary authority to carry out the event without any inteference.

The event is happening very soon. Sooner than you might expect! Therefore, let us all be ready and well prepared. If you are far from Kangema, start saving for your fare as early as now so that you won’t miss the event. We will be handling a big number of schools in Muguru ward and we are therefore expecting a high turnout of kucsn members to ensure that we will be sufficiently presented in the schools that will confirm with us.

Very soon, the officials will give the exact dates of the event, as well as the specific schools to be covered.

Until then, lets be prepared in advance and bear in kind that the event is just around the corner!

(Feel free to leave a comment below either as a question, clarification or even just to say hi 🙂 )

Also, don’t forget to share with other College and University students from Kangema. Sharing is Caring! (You can directly share to WhatsApp contacts using the Whatsapp Sharing Button below)

Long Live KUCSN!



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