The office bearers shall be:

  1. The chairperson
  2. The vice chairperson
  3. Organizing secretary
  4. Secretary
  5. Finance secretary

All of whom shall be in charge as leader and shall be elected/nominated at the annual general meeting to be held in each year.

  • All office bearers shall hold office from the date of election until the succeeding annual general meeting.
  • Any office bearer who ceases to be a member of the society shall automatically cease to be an office bearer thereof.
  • Office bearers may be removed from office in the same way as laid down for the expulsion of member and vacancies thus created shall be filed by persons elected at the general meeting resolving the expulsion.

An honorary member shall not be eligible to vote and or hold any office. However, he/she may participate in the activities of the society.


  • Chairperson – the chairperson shall unless prevented by illness or other sufficient cause preside over all meetings of the committee and all general meetings.
  • Vice chair. The vice chair shall perform any duties of the chairman in his absence and/or any other duty assigned to him/her by the chairperson.
  • Organizing secretary. The secretary shall deal with all correspondence of the society under the general supervision of the members. In cases of urgent matters where the members cannot be consulted, he shall consult the chairman or if he is not available, the vice chairman. He shall issue notices convening all meetings of the committee and all general meetings of the society and shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all such meetings and for preservation of all records of proceedings of the members and of the committee.
  • Finance secretary. The treasurer shall receive and also disburse, under the directions of the committee, all money belonging to the society and shall issue receipts for all moneys received by him and preserve vouchers for all money paid by him. The treasure is responsible to the committee and to the members that proper books of account of all moneys received and paid by the society are written up, preserved and available for inspections.
  • Secretary – shall write all minutes and communicate to the members any information concerning the activities of the association and will perform the duties of organizing secretary in his absence.


  • The committee shall consist of all the office bearers of the society and three other members elected at the annual general meeting in each year; such committee member’s time and places as it shall be resolved but shall meet not less than once in every three months.


  • Any casual vacancies for members of members of the committee caused by death or resignation shall be filled by the committee until the next annual general meeting of the society.

Vacancies caused by members of the committee removed from office will be dealt with as shown in the rule 4


Duties of the committee:

  • The committee shall consist of all the office bearers of the society. And for that purpose may give directions to the office bearers as the manner in which within the law shall perform their duties. The committee shall have power to appoint sub- committees as it may seem desirable to make reports to the committee upon which such action shall be taken as seems to the committee desirable.
  • All moneys disbursed on behalf of the society shall be authorized by the committee
  • The quorum of the meetings of the committee shall not be less than seven members.