A person is eligible to be a member if:

  • He/she is a student in a tertiary institution.
  • Any member outside the constituency can become a member only through consensus of members.
  • Any person shall become honorary member upon completion of tertiary level of education
  • Every member shall pay a registration fee of Ksh 150(or any amount agreed upon during AGM) and any amount that members shall agree towards any issue that may arise.
  • Any member desiring to resign from the association shall submit his resignation to the secretary, which shall take effect from the date of receipt by the secretary of such notice.
  • Any member may be expelled from the membership if the committee so recommends and if a general meeting of the society shall resolve by two-thirds majority of the members present that such member should be expelled on the grounds that his/her conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of the society, or that he/she has contravened any of the provision of the association. The members shall have power to suspend a member from his/her membership until the next general meeting of the society following such suspension but not withstanding such suspension a member whose expulsion is proposed shall have the right to address the general meeting at which his expulsion is to be considered.
  • Any person who resigns or is removed from membership shall not be entitled to a refund of his subscription or any part thereof or any moneys contributed by him/her at any time.
  • Any member who misbehaves shall be penalized double the registration fee ( such misconduct shall be discussed by members)