Upcoming Events

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The 2018 leadership is aimed at ensuring KUCSN engages in numerous events. This will enable KUCSN members to network more among themselves, reach out more to the community and ‘market’ our name so that we can be well known in the Kangema community. This will strengthen the group and popularize it, thus driving more students to join us and also increase our chances of getting sponsors to finance our events.

This page is meant to update members on the confirmed and unconfirmed events.

Confirmed events are those which the officials have planned for and set a date, which has already been communicated to the members (or will be communicated soon).

Unconfirmed events are those which the officials are planning to hold but consultations and plans are still ongoing.

You can click an event to learn more about it.



  • Lower Kangema Mentorship
  • Visiting Rehoboth Children’s Home
  • KUCSN Open Day
  • Tree Planting Event
  • KUCSN End-Year Mission
  • 2018 AGM